What does Amata mean?

AMATA (which stands for "Asociación para la Mejora de la Artesanía  Tradicional y Actual") or in English, "Association for the Improvement of Traditional and Modern Crafts", is a non profit making association that promotes the arts and crafts produced by craftsmen and women living and working in Spain. Amata is mainly interested in individualartists and craftsmen, with at the most one associate or apprentice. 

In general, such a craftsman or artist can't afford to use a commercial representative to sell his or her work in shops or to go to professional fairs.  An Amata craftsman works during the week to produce the stuff he or she needs to sell in the weekend at a craft fair or medieval market in the street.

What does Amata do?

To help these artesans, the association approaches Town Halls and other Authorities and takes the necessary steps so that Craft Fairs
and Medieval Markets can be held that are so well organized that the public, the towns as well as the participating artesans are satisfied with the event.

asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
Amata = Artesania de Autor®
In all Amata fairs all the people on the stalls sell only what they make them-selves.  Everything is made with love and attention to detail - nothing from a factory, nothing imported.  That's why we have registered our slogan Artesanía de Autor® which simply means "craft work from craft-people"