¿How can I participate in fairs of Amata?

In the fairs of Amata only craftspeople who live and work in Spain can participate and they can only sell products that they themselves have made. We don´t allow imported products or products wich have only been assembled (products where all the elements are bought and only assembled with maybe some cutting and glue for example).We´re looking for craftspeople who make their products transforming the raw material to a finished product.

We ask that before contacting us you read the information in  this page.

First we need to know the craftspeople who want to participate, for that reason it is necessary that you send a dossier to Fotos@amata.es.
The dossier needs to have the following information:

       Full name and surname
       Telephone number
       Description of your products

We also need:

       Photos of the products
       Photos of the production-process
       Photos of the stall with the products
       Photos of the costumes / clothing

The photos need to be atachments (we don´t want only the link to your webpage), even better is to make a dossier in a PDF file. You can make a "Word" file with all the information and photos you want to send and export it to a PDF file, as is shown in the picture on the right.

asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual
asociación para la mejora de la artesanía tradicional y actual